Would you like to advertise on one of the banners (advertising displays) on our website? Please contact us for the possibilities. You buy a spot on a banner of your choice for 1 or more months. You can supply your own banner or if you don’t have one, we will make it ourselves (according to your wishes, of course).

No. the platform is completely free to use. When you buy or sell something, the transaction is not done via the platform but simply by you and the other party yourself, as you are already doing. As a result, we do not have to calculate transaction costs.

Would you like to advertise on one of the banners that can be seen on the side and top of the advertisement page and homepage? We do require a small investment for this. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

Placing an ad is very easy. click on the blue link at the top right of the ‘place your ad’ page If you are not logged in yet, a login page will appear. Then fill in all the requested information associated with the advertisement to be placed. After you have done this and click on ‘place advertisement’ it is immediately online and can be noticed by other users.

This platform is for Dutch wholesalers, growers, importers and large consumers from the fruit and vegetable sector. The website can be visited by anyone, only to see the advertisements you must be logged in. Every company that registers will be checked by TradingAGF whether they meet the user target group.